October 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Hottest Part-Time Jobs & Internships Right Now (guest post)

Thanks to Lauren Porat, co-founder of Urban Interns for this insightful guest post regarding the part-time and internship job market.  Happy hunting!

It's late September.  Big companies start recruiting for internships in November.  But we all know that the market is still ultra-competitive, so now is the time to start your internship hunt.  And as the co-founders of Urban Interns, we have a bird’s eye view into this segment of the job market.  We’re seeing some really cool opportunities at some amazing small- to mid-sized companies.  A small company, or even working directly with an entrepreneur, can be a phenomenal opportunity to gain hands-on experience that you would not otherwise get at a larger company.  It looks great on the resume, and can set you up to snag that big-company job come November (if that’s what you’re looking for)!  

We’re seeing companies hiring for part-time jobs and internships in the following industries: agencies such as marketing/advertising/design; websites or anyone with an internet presence; event planning; sales/bus dev; nonprofit.  These employers are mainly looking for help with the following tasks: PR/marketing; admin tasks like organizing, scheduling & errands; research; email marketing; social media; blogging; help with events.  Specifically, below are some of the hottest part-time jobs and internships on Urban Interns right now.  

  • Office Internship for Dylan’s Candy Bar (NYC):  The office Staff Assistant will assist in the organization and maintenance Dylan's Candy Bar office resources as well as other duties as assigned. Duties: Assist with the staffing of local festivals and events. Assist with the organization and maintenance of the file system. Plan corporate events as assigned.  Perform other duties as assigned. Benefits: Excellent experience with many of the projects and people working within DCB. Involvement in a variety of international, national, and local environmental programs and efforts. Participation in fun field days. Experience in planning, conducting, and evaluating programs. Opportunities to contribute to improvement of an education program. College credit, if appropriate. Letters of recommendation provided upon successful completion of the internship... (read more and login to apply)
  • Life Science Startup - Executive Assistant Intern (Boston): Lux Capital is a venture capital firm helping to build lasting businesses around early stage, emerging technologies in the life sciences. Our companies are bringing breakthrough science to market in areas such as vaccine discovery, nanopharmaceuticals, and drug delivery. One of our Boston-area portfolio companies is seeking a part-time executive assistant intern. This individual will gain front-seat exposure to the CEO and other executives working side-by-side with the lead executive assistant at one of Boston's most exciting venture-backed startups...RESPONSIBILITIES: May include: arranging and budgeting executive travel, legal document management and organization, and preparation of expense reports. As this is a small organization, a successful intern may find themselves getting involved with a variety of other tasks... (read more and login to apply)
  • Media Relations Internship (NYC): Trylon SMR is a mid-sized NYC-based PR agency specializing in media/tech accounts. We're seeking a Fall intern that has familiarity with the media industry and a fair understanding of the tech sector. The intern will support our Account Directors with administrative task completion, media industry research, and possible writing of press releases and pitches. The candidate should have solid writing skills, be comfortable on the telephone, strong internet research skills, and possess the ability to multi-task in a fast paced agency; familiarity with MS Office and strong Internet Skills are a requirement...(read more and login to apply) 

A couple of side notes: 1) most jobs are based in NYC and Boston, but as noted in the WSJ recently, about 1/3 of the jobs on the site are virtual so people from all over can apply!  2) note: you must be a registered Urban Intern to apply for these jobs!  Click here to register. 

Good luck with your search!  Please email lauren@urbaninterns.com with your feedback and questions regarding Urban Interns.


Thanks Lauren!  And stay-tuned each week for more career tips and advice to help you Soul Search, Research and Job Search your way into your ideal career!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Quoted in The Washington Post on Networking: "Don't Slam the Door on Your Way Out"

I'm very excited to be quoted in this recent Washington Post article, "Don't Slam the Door on Your Way Out" on how to keep in touch with former bosses and coworkers to keep your career moving forward.  Writer Dan Rafter does a great job sharing networking tips as well as personal experiences. Great read for anyone who's ever needed help with his or her career.  Read my favorite networking tip at the close of the article!

How do you keep in touch with former bosses and coworkers?  Have you ever struggled with maintaining solid work relationships after leaving a job?  Who do you tend to keep in touch with - former coworkers? former bosses?  Share your comments and questions on how not to slam the door on your way out.  I'll help you network most effectively!



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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tune in and Increase Your Career Net Worth

Wednesday, Oct 14th on Martha Stewart Living Radio at 4pm eastern/1pm pacific, I'll be live on Making a Living covering two career advice topics you won't want to miss: 

--The real value of workplace awards and

--The jobless recovery and where the bright spots are.

With increased competition for jobs, you may be looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and a workplace award might be just the ticket to new opportunities.  But if not done properly, it could be a waste of your time.  Tune in and I'll help you cut through the clutter and decide which workplace awards can help you move your career forward.

I'll also be joined by Kevin Mahn, an award-winner in his field of Finance.  He's provided expert commentary on the "jobless recovery" for influential publications including SmartMoney.  We'll cover where the bright spots are in the economy and what to expect going forward.

Join me on Making a Living every Wednesday at 4pm eastern/1pm pacific on SIRIUS 112/XM 157 to get your career questions answered.  All you need to do is call in at 866-675-6675.  Tune in for free and learn new ways to leverage your value in the marketplace!  

"I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future." - Anonymous

For more career advice check out my latest column on the Living on 112 blog on MarthaStewart.com!!




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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Useful Resources for Job Hunting

This morning, I was live on SIRIUS XM taking career questions on job hunting strategy.  I hit on several key resources for those looking for work in case you missed it:


--ResumesDoneWrite.com - For those looking for a professional resume writer, Debra Wheatman can help.  Deb and I worked together at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia where she was a recruiter.  From Deb I've learned that every well-written resume has a summary section (a compelling statement about who you are and what you do) and a core skills section (with the key competencies you posses that make you a great fit for the job.)

--Cover Letters - If you want to write a great cover letter, check out this NY Times article called, "A Cover Letter is Not Expendable."  You'll learn that sending a hard-copy second submission of your resume and cover letter can increase your chances of landing an interview.


--Momcorps.com - staffing firm specializing in contingency, project and permanent positions for talented professionals looking for a flexible corporate work environment.

--FlexibleExecutives.com - catering to flexible career opportunities for people in various fields from marketing, to human resources, to finance, law and project management to name a few.

Comment below on your job hunting experience and share any useful job hunting resources you've found.  And if you've been struggling with your job search, don't go it alone.  I can help with one-on-one coaching or by answering your question live on  my SIRIUS XM radio show every Wednesday at 4pm EST.  Just call in at 1-866-675-6675 and get specific advice for your situation.  

If your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt! - Henry J. Kaiser


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Monday, October 26, 2009

Career Success Radio: Career Advice from Down Under

Keith Keller and Annemarie Cross have decided to take career success into their own hands.  The two have a weekly radio show on Blog Talk Radio that focuses on positive, inspirational messages for people who are out of work or unhappy in their careers.  Their show can be heard across the globe including such far reaching countries as India and China.  They have also garnered a following here in the States and one of their US success stories was recently profiled by a Chinese television show (story starts about 1 minute into video and is in English).   

I was honored to be a guest earlier this week on their show Career Success Radio focusing on my Soul Search, Research and Job Search approach and how to use it to Discover Your Passion, Purpose and Potential.  Key to the conversation were the fears that keep people in jobs they don't like:

--"I'll have to start over at the bottom."

--"I'll lose my lifestyle if I change careers."

--"I'll have to go back to school and I don't want to have to go into debt."

With Keith and Annemarie, we busted these common career change myths.  For starters, transferrable skills such as project management, strong communication skills and the ability to work well with others enable many people to make lateral moves into new careers so they don't have to start over.  As for lifestyle, a financial plan is a key part of any career change strategy.  Take my client Laura Rolands.  She took a voluntary severance package from her employer Chrysler so she could have the financial freedom to invest in her coaching practice for ADHD.  Chrysler later declared bankruptcy so Laura's proactive approach paid off! As for school, don't assume that you have to get a new set of credentials to change careers.  To know for sure, get the facts of education requirements from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. You might already have all the education you need.

Listen to my full interview on Career Success Radio and read more on why I believe now is the perfect time to make a career change!  

What do you think?  Are you ready for a career change?  Share your comments and ideas on what you'd love to have happen in your career.  Share your concerns too and I'll help you overcome the obstacles getting in the way.  And join me this Wed at 4pm EST on Making a Living with Maggie where I profile a successful career changer!  Get a free 7-day trial of SIRIUS.


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Understand Your Work Values & Land Your Dream Job

On my radio show Making a Living, I'm always interested in the questions and comments of my listeners.  On this week's show about work life , a caller brought up the idea of work values.  (Click on my radio page for a free trial of SIRIUS and tune in for the replay this Sunday.)  Work values are the rewards we get from our work. For example, if you value creative expression, you might really enjoy a career that involves design and seeing your finished product on store shelves. 

 It's these values that get us out of bed in the morning, excited for the work day ahead.  

If you've been feeling less than excited about work lately, chances are your work values are not being met. Most of us haven't formally examined or soul searched to know what really motivates us.  We assume that more money or a bigger title will make us more motivated when time freedom or a feeling of helping others might better do the trick.  (For those genuinely interested in more money, read my tips on how to ask for a raise)  

To figure out your top work values, it helps to use an exercise like this work values worksheet.  It's similar to the exercise I use with my clients. To get a copy of my worksheet, contact me and let me know more about your specific career needs and goals.  This way I can support you in the best way possible.

To me work values are a great litmus test of job satisfaction.  I used my top values as a test when deciding to become a career coach.  My highest priorities were independence, helping others, time freedom, location, and exercising competence.  Now 8 years later, I get those and more from the work I do.  I'm motivated and excited to help people Soul Search, Research and Job Search their way into ideal careers.  

What would you like more of in your job?  Advancement? Excitement? Creativity?  Share your work values here and let me know what your top priorities are.  It will help you become one of those people who look forward to Mondays!  

 (Photo courtesy of Photos8.com.)

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